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The Checkpoints Program is a FREE Resource for Parents of Teen Drivers

Teens crash more than any other age group and are usually at fault.

Checkpoints will Help You:

  • Help your teen be safer when they become a new, independent driver.
  • Establish and personalize a free, interactive Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to help you set safety expectations as your teen gradually increases driving complexity and responsibility.

Checkpoints Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

CComplete it so you and your teen are clear about where and when they can drive.

HHave you and your teen sign it to show that you both understand and agree to what is expected.

EExperience will be gained by following the agreement before more complex driving.

CCheck progress regularly so your teen develops safe, responsible driving.

KKeep updating and recording changes as your teen earns additional driving privileges.

sample agreement
The agreement includes rules, consequences, and review checkpoints

The Checkpoints Process

In just a few minutes you can create an agreement based on the latest teen driving safety research.

  • Create a free, personalized Parent-Teen Driving Agreement
  • Have both parent and teen sign it to jointly understand and agree to what is expected
  • Save and print your agreement
  • Update your agreement as your teen earns privileges and becomes a more experienced driver
  • Create separate agreements for each teen in your family

Watch these videos that show parents and teens using Checkpoints

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