All teen drivers are at higher risk because they lack driving experience and judgment that only come with time and driving.

Managing the vehicle is only the beginning of learning to drive – decision making and judgment come with experience over time.

Teens with their own vehicles are at greater risk because they drive more and have fewer restrictions placed on them.

Even “responsible” friends in the car can be distracting. Crash risks are nearly doubled with one passenger – and go up further with each extra passenger.

All young passengers are potentially distracting and at risk with a new driver – siblings are not safer.

The GDL program is good, but is just a MINIMUM. Strict parent-imposed driving restrictions that go beyond the laws, increase teen safety.

Nearly all parents DO set limits, and teens expect limits. The stronger the limits, the better the safety outcomes.

Michigan Checkpoints Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

  • Complete it so parents and teens are clear about where and when teens can drive
  • Have parent and teen sign it to show they understand and agree to what is expected
  • Experience will be gained by following it before more complex driving
  • Check progress regularly on it so teens develop safe, responsible driving
  • Keep updating, recording changes as teens earn privileges

Start a Free Membership

It’ll just take a few minutes and you’ll be able to create an agreement based on the latest teen driving safety research.

You’ll be able to:

  • Create a personal parent-teen driving agreement
  • Create separate agreements for each teen in your family
  • Print and save your agreement
  • Update your agreement as your teen becomes a more experienced driver

The agreement is available to Michigan parents for free through a grant to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute from the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.


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